The Graduate Course in Mathematics of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) was created in 1968 right after the Mathematics Institute was established.

The first master class began in 1969 and the approval by the Research and Graduation Chamber of the Coordination Counsel of UFBA was given on April 07, 1975. This Graduate Course has trained more than 120 MSc students which have contributed to the many State Universities and even private higher learning institutions of Bahia and Brazil. Some of these MSc students continued their graduate studies at universities like University of S Paulo and research centres like IMPA.

The State of Bahia needs more qualified professionals in Mathematics and, since this is the only Graduate Course in Mathematics in the State, we have experience a strong demand (in the yaer 2002 we had more than a houndred students applying for MSc studies in Mathematics). Lately on average ten new MSc diplomas are awarded each year.

In addition, the Graduate Program in Mathematics at UFBA passes by a noticeable increase in the level of its activities: new Professors have been hired, the number of published scientific papers in internationally acknowledged periodicals has more than tripled in the last decade, and as a natural consequence the PhD Program in Mathematics has been established in cooperation with the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL)

The PhD Program in Mathematics (Programa 28001010081P2 from CAPES) in association envolving professors from UFBA and UFAL received its first students in 2010. Its intent is to accelerate the training of PhDs and foster research in Mathematics in the North-Eastern region of Brazil. The research focus is in the areas of Algebra, Analysis, Differential Geometry, Probability  and Dynamical Systems.