Doutorado UFBA/UFAL

        The PhD programme (Programa 28001010081P2 at CAPES) in association with the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL), with a faculty composed from selected professors from UFBA and UFAL, aims to foster scientific activities in Mathematics in both institutions and accelerate the training of PhDs and new researchers in Mathematics in the North-eastern region of Brazil.

The research focus is in the areas of Algebra, Analysis, Differential Geometry, Probability  and Dynamical Systems.

Director of Graduate Studies at UFBA:

Vitor Domingos Martins de Araújo



Vice-director at UFBA:

Tertuliano Franco Santos Franco



Director of Graduate Studies at UFAL:

Feliciano Vitório



Vice-director at UFAL:

Marcos Petrúcio